Reliable Signs He Wants Something Serious

is he serious about me

When you’re in the early stages of a relationship it can be hard to tell what your new romance partner really wants.

You don’t want to rush things or force it but at some point you want to know what he’s looking for! There’s nothing wrong with that, either. It’s your right to know whether you’re wasting your time with somebody.

If you want a man who is serious about there are signals to look out for.

1) He assumes you will be together in the future

If he always seems to include you when he talks about his future, that’s a good sign. Even better if it’s the distant future.

If he’s only talking about a few weeks from now it’s still a good sign that he at least expects the relationship to keep going, so he must be enjoying it.

Of course you have to look out for the manipulative types who know this is what you want to hear, but don’t actually mean it. The best way to tell them apart is to look for any other signs he’s serious about you.

2) He has introduced you to friends and family

Introducing you to the people in his life is a big sign that you have a special place. Men usually don’t introduce flings to everybody in their life. So if you’ve met his parents and best friends and siblings, that’s an indication that it’s more than just casual for him.

3) He asks for your opinion on life decisions

It’s one thing for a man to talk about upcoming decisions in his life, but if he’s actually seeking your input then that’s a big sign he’s committed. Consulting you about taking a new job or anything else big in his life means that your opinion about these things matters. It not only shows that he respects you enough to want your advice – it also shows that he’s making these decisions with both of your futures in mind.

4) He talks about your shared values

We all know shared values are critical to a long-lasting relationship. So if he’s asking you about your values that means he’s probably looking for something long term.

If the two of you have similar values he will enjoy talking about that fact if he wants a real relationship with you.

5) He will inconvenience himself for you

If you want to see how serious he is, pay attention to what he does – not just what he says.

A man who goes out of his way to help you out in some way is more than just infatuated with you – he’s probably in love.

The best is when he doesn’t make a big show of what he did for you. Some guys like to demonstrate how thoughtful they are by buying you gifts and texting you all the time, but that stuff is just an attempt to woo you. It’s more meaningful when he does something selfless because he genuinely cares about you. Something he would have done even if you weren’t going to know about it.

6) He stuck around after your first big fight

Sometimes it takes the first big argument to separate flings from serious relationships. If he had mixed feelings about what he wants with you, there’s a good chance he would have made for the exit after things got testy for the first time.

Seeing it through after your first big argument shows that he has maturity. It also shows that he’s realistic about what it takes to make a relationship work – a relationship with you.


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