Is a Shy Man Is Attracted To You? Look For These Signs

Men are hard enough to read. But shy men… that’s a whole other difficulty level.

Shy men are usually not very obvious about how they feel. They feel bashful about showing too much interest in you.

The problem is you might not even realize that he likes you! Some shy guys come across as standoff-ish and uninterested, when in reality they just don’t want to show their feelings. Or don’t know how to.

Plenty of women have missed out on relationships with great guys because they didn’t pick up on his ever-so-subtle cues that he’s interested.

Your solution: Pay attention to the subtle signs that a shy guy likes you.

Don’t worry! We put together a list to help you out. Just follow along and you’ll be able to tell if that shy guy is really interested or not.

Shy Guy Crush Signs

If you want to figure out how he feels you’re going to have to play a little detective.

It will be subtle but he will show interest. He’s human, after all.

There are a few behaviors that you’ll see a lot with shy men who are smitten. If you notice one or a few of these it might be a sign he’s into you! 😉

He mirrors you

When you smile, he smiles. When you laugh, he does.

Shy men are often sensitive to how you’re feeling – so much so that it becomes contagious!

So if he’s doing the same things you’re doing while you’re talking don’t assume he’s making fun of you. He probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

When he says something he looks at your reaction first

If you’re in a group and he makes a comment, your reaction is the only one that really matters. So naturally he’ll glance at you first.

This is especially true if he makes a joke. Most likely he’s hyper-aware of your presence, so if he flubs the joke it’s because he’s nervous! (Another sign he likes you.)

Signs a Shy Man Likes You

He talks about you to other people

He might be uncomfortable talking to you, but you’re still on his mind all the time. And he can’t help but talk about you to others.

If word gets around to you that he’s been talking and asking about you, consider it a good indicator that he’s interested.

He becomes extra quiet when you show up

This is one of the most frustrating things about shy guys and something many women misinterpret.

When you come in the room and he gets quiet or seems more tense, it’s because he’s suddenly feeling self-conscious and not sure what to do. Unfortunately it gets easily misinterpreted as him being disappointed to see you, when nothing could be further from the truth.

He suddenly looks away when you make eye contact

Holding an eye gaze with anybody can be pretty intense. Especially so if you’re a shy man looking at the woman you’re into.

Don’t expect a shy guy to hold eye contact with you. But you might catch him gazing at you when he thinks you’re not looking, only to quickly look away (and maybe blush).

You start to see him show up at places you go

A shy man will want to be around you, but won’t necessarily be ready to ask you out directly.

Instead he might start showing up at the places he *happens to know* you go to a lot, like your work or a favorite cafe of yours.

He talks to you more through chat or text

He feels a little more at ease when he’s not talking to you in person, so expect to see a more expressive side of him by text.

If he seems more talkative that way it’s a sign his feelings for you get in the way of chatting you up in person.

He drops lots of hints

You might notice that he drops a lot of hints without really asking you out directly. This can be frustrating, but it’s sometimes part of the package with shy men.

In this case you might have to meet him halfway and drop your own hint… that you’d like to hang out with him. That should give him enough of an opening to take it from there.


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