QUIZ: Does He Like Me? (For Adults)

does he like me quiz for adults

He’s not showing you any obvious signs. But he could definitely still be interested.

Men do all kinds of weird stuff when they like you so you can’t judge too quickly.

How To Know If A Guy Likes You

There are a million different signs that could mean he’s interested in you.

We’re talking about subtle signs he’s into you. If he was giving you clear signals then you wouldn’t be reading this, right? 😉

Our quiz takes into account some of the main ways you can tell that a guy likes you.

These are things that a man who really likes you will do. And a guy who isn’t into you like that probably won’t do.

But before you get to the quiz, here are some of the easy signs to tell he likes you:

1. He casually asks if you’re single.

Look, men aren’t all that interested in your love life. Unless they want to be in it.

Keep in mind: he might ask really subtly in order to not be obvious. Or instead of asking directly, he might ask about things like who you live with, or what you did on New Years… that sort of thing.

Some guys are so subtle that you’ll think it still doesn’t mean he’s interested. But make no mistake: men who ask this are usually feeling it for you.

2. He’s interacting with you on social media more than anyone else.

If he’s liking your pics and commenting, and that’s not something he normally does, then good chance he’s into you. (And let’s be real – you’ve done some serious investigating on his Instagram and Facebook.)

On the other hand, if he’s normally a social butterfly on social media, don’t make much of it.

3. He mentions you to your friends for no obvious reason.

If he does this, he wants them to spill the beans about you. He specifically wants to hear about how he should ask you out because you’re so hot for him.

Look, guys need encouragement sometimes with these things. Nobody likes getting rejected. Some guys just need to make sure the odds are in their favor before they take a chance on someone.

4. You just have a gut feeling.

A lot of times you just know, right? It’s hard to put in words but everything he’s doing makes gives you the feeling that he’s interested.

Maybe it’s the way he texts you back so fast.

Or his big genuine smile when he sees you.

Whatever it is, you should trust your gut. Usually there’s a reason you feel this way.

About Our Test

There are so many ways he can show he’s interested. But we did our best to make this quiz scientific so it can truly address the important question here: is he interested?

This quiz is for adults who want to know if the guy they like feels the same way. We assume here that he has not asked you out officially. If he has, try the “What Are We” quiz to see where you two stand.

At the end you’ll get a result. The result will tell you what he may be thinking. So far this quiz is highly accurate.

That said, you’ll probably agree with your results, even if it’s not what you want to hear.


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