Is He Just A Friend? Or Is He Interested? [Read This]

are we just friends

So you meet a sweet, genuine guy. You guys become friends, but you find yourself wanting something more.

Are you in that situation? We’ve all been there. Wondering if he likes you or if it’s just platonic.

It’s really hard to tell sometimes. Some men are just naturally sweet and caring, and that can give you the false impression that he’s into you.

The question is, are there signs he cares about you more than a friend? Or is it looking like you’re in the friend zone?

It’s probably hard to tell. But I’m going to give you three signs that he wants to be more than friends, and three signs that you could be just friends and nothing more.

Hopefully this will help you figure out whether you are on to something with this man. You don’t want to let the opportunity for a new relationship slip just because you missed the signs.

Signs He Wants To Be More Than Friends

There are a million ways a man will show that he’s into you. Some of them are obvious, but I’m assuming here that he’s not being very obvious.

Maybe his behavior could be just as easily be interpreted as friendliness. But there are some subtle things that men who are interested do that platonic friends usually don’t.

1) He remembers little details about you

Some of us are terrible at remembering things people tell us, even when it’s close friends or family (guilty!). If he’s remembering details about your life that most people don’t, it either means he has an excellent memory – or he’s falling for you. (Or both!)

This is especially a sign he likes you if he remembers things you only told him in passing. Does he remember your favorite color even though you hardly remember telling him? Things like that show that he’s paying close attention when you talk, something guys do quite a bit when they like you.

2) Is he disappointed when you’re not around?

If the two of you are friends it probably means you see each other somewhat regularly. Have you ever unexpectedly not shown up somewhere he was expecting to see you? What was his reaction?

Say you two are on the same volleyball team and you have to miss a match. Does he ask everybody where you are? Does he text you wondering where you are, or saying how he missed seeing you tonight?

If he’s genuinely disappointed that he doesn’t get to see you, he’s thinking about something more than friendship. We all like to see our friends but we don’t lose our minds when they have to skip out on something. But when it comes to a possible romantic partner most of us lose all reason.

3) He texts you for no apparent reason

You have to remember something about most men: they don’t usually text friends just to say “hi”. There is almost always a point to the text – making plans, remembering a funny line from a movie, talking trash about their favorite football team.

A text that doesn’t seem to have any other purpose than to say hello is a signal that you’re on his mind a lot. And that’s probably because he likes you.

Keep in mind: If he really likes you, he will probably give stronger and stronger signals as time goes on. A lot of guys want to test the waters to see whether they should escalate their flirting. (The exception here is shy men, who can be more difficult to read.)

Signs He Just Wants To Be Friends

Just like there are plenty of signs that he likes you, there are also things to look for that show he only wants friendship.

You might be able to tell from his words or actions. You also should look for the absence of any clear signs of romantic interest.

1) He tends to only see you in group settings

If he doesn’t seem interested in ever hanging out as just the two of you, he probably only sees you as a friend. Men who are falling for a woman will jump at the chance to see her one-on-one, and sometimes even go out of their way to create those circumstances.

A dead giveaway here is if you try to set up a way to be alone with him and he invites others along. Sure, he could just be oblivious, but he probably is trying to avoid giving you the impression that he’s interested.

2) He talks about his love life around you

When I say he talks about his love life, I mean his current situation. If he talks about past relationships that’s a whole other thing. But talking about his recent dating highs and lows probably means he wants to just be friends.

Friends talk about that stuff with each other. But two people who are beginning to date don’t. After all it would be weird to talk about your current dating life with the person you are dating.

3) He acts the same way around other women

You’re wondering if his friendliness toward you is a sign of interest, or is it just how he is? Well, look no further than the way he acts around others – especially other women.

If he’s just as engaged when he’s talking to other ladies then either he’s a big flirt, or that’s just his normal personality. On the other hand, if you notice that his behavior around you is a bit different than with others, he might think you’re someone more special.


There’s nothing wrong with being just friends. If you really like spending time with him then there’s no reason to stop, even if his feelings aren’t the same. Maybe someday the two of you will laugh about it. Plus there are always more fish in the sea.

But don’t give up just yet. Observe his behavior and look for these signs. There’s a chance he’s doing the same thing with you. 🙂





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