“Is He Cheating Or Am I Paranoid?” Quiz

is my boyfriend cheating quiz

Am I insecure or is he cheating?

Have you questioned yourself like that? You don’t want to assume the worst but something just feels off.

There were weird signs in the past but you ignored them. Because you’ve always trusted him.

You just want to know how to stop thinking your boyfriend is cheating.

There are plenty of signs he’s cheating on you. But also some sure-fire signs he’s not cheating on you.

You need to get to the bottom of this or you’ll go insane.

am i paranoid quiz

If all you have right now is a gut feeling he’s cheating but no proof, this quiz will help you figure out whether to take this seriously.

“Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?”

When you accuse him of cheating, you have to be pretty darn sure about it. Otherwise you risk losing a guy who was actually honest.

So how do you know your boyfriend (or husband) is cheating?

The only way to know for sure is if you get some hard evidence.

Our quiz can’t give you hard proof, obviously. But cheating behavior always follows certain patterns.

And honest guys do certain things cheaters never do.

So we factored all those things together when we designed the questions.

At the end we’ll give you a summary of our results.


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