The Ex Factor Guide Review: Brad Browning’s Proven Method?

ex factor guide review

Getting your ex back is very hard. You already lost him once, and there were reasons for it.

As much as you want to, you can’t just snap your fingers and walk back into his life. If you want your ex boyfriend (or husband) back, you need a strategy.

That’s where Brad Browning aka “Breakup Brad” comes in. He is a relationship expert from Vancouver, British Columbia who has helped thousands of people get their exes back (according to his website).

A self-described “psychology geek”, he has spent years studying the psychology of breakups and reunions. He has applied and tested what he’s learned with clients to form the basis of this system.

Mr. Browning’s guide to getting back together with your ex has been on the market for just a short time but it’s already a bestseller. I got a copy of the program so I can give you the detailed Ex Factor Guide review out there!

The Ex Factor Guide: Quick Summary

With this program you get a step-by-step process for having your ex love you again. It’s made by a man with a proven track record of making this happen for people.

According to Brad, over 90% of relationships can be salvaged. A guide like this can work like magic. Otherwise you’re left guessing, and you could end up pushing him away instead.

This kind of information would be priceless to heartbroken people like you and me. So it’s truly a steal at the price he offers. I recommend you buy now before it increases. (Or before he finds another girl…)

Full Review

You already know that Brad Browning and his Ex Factor Guide have a good reputation and strong record of results. But I can understand if you want to know more about this program before you take the chance.

After all, you don’t get unlimited chances with your ex. So you need something that works.

Here I’ll tell you more about what’s inside the guide and preview what you will learn.

Quick note: there are lots of false reviews about this product on the internet, and a lot of knock-off products imitating it. Ignore them! This is an honest review of the actual guide that’s been helping thousands of women.

About The Guide

The main part of the program is a 156-page book (instantly downloadable as a PDF). The book covers the overall philosophy behind getting him back, as well as the specific tactics.

Everything you learn is based on what he calls the “Magnetic Attraction Framework”. He refers to them as “fundamental traits” that are “the key to rebuilding your ex’s attraction to you”.

Honestly, the info is eye-opening right from the very beginning. He starts out with a list of 23 factors that influence how attractive you are to your ex – and men in general. These aren’t obvious things like your smile (duh). I actually learned a lot here.

From that point on I knew this guide was the real deal.

The 6 Deadly Sins

One of the most important things you learn are the “6 deadly sins”: things that make women do that make them unattractive. He says it’s almost always one (or more) of these behaviors that drive attractive men away.

This part will help diagnose what went wrong in your relationship. Obviously this is important, because if you don’t fix it then you’ll never last even if you somehow do get back together.

Key point: once your man feels less attracted to you, the balance of power starts to seriously shift in his favor. This is a very uncomfortable position for you to be in.

Short-Term Strategy

The Ex Factor Guide lays out a strategy for getting him back.

It tells you what to do in the near future – that is, the period right after you broke up. You actually get an exact timeline for the different steps, because timing is that important in a situation like this.

Even if you already broke up a while back it’s good to pay attention to this advice. You can still follow this process with success, you just might need to make some small adjustments.

It should come as no surprise that he recommends a dose of “no contact”, but there’s more to it than that. It also tells you what to do if no-contact is impossible. And you also have to get the timing right. So this is a very important part.

Long-Term Strategy

After you follow his advice for the short term, you’ll have set yourself up for actually getting him back.

At this point you have to realize that there are different possible ways things could go. Your ex may respond a certain way to your initial phase, or he might not respond at all. Brad covers all the main possibilities and what to do in case of each one.

I learned some good tools here that I hadn’t thought of before. Things like the “Good Reminder Text” and the “Reverse Rebound“. These are great to have in your back pocket for when some of the inevitable situations arise.

Keep in mind: It’s not just a guide for getting him to contact you again, or ask you out again. This program actually walks you through how to handle your communication and dates.

The Most Valuable Part

The techniques are important, but the most valuable part of the guide is the fundamental change you’ll experience.

It might sound crazy but the Ex Factor really does change the way you think about yourself, men, and what you’re worth. If you take it seriously you will naturally adopt attitudes and behaviors that make you more attractive to men.

Following Brad’s advice will give you a good shot with your ex. But you might find that you attract someone even better. 😉

What I Liked About It

If I haven’t made it clear, I think this product is worth your time. There are a lot of reasons I say that:

  • Gets straight to the point with valuable info (I learned a lot)
  • The author is an honest authority in the dating world
  • The focus is on empowering you to live your best life – and become highly attractive in the process
  • You have the option to sign up for coaching from Brad Browning
  • Instant access (pdf download)
  • His approach is not taught anywhere else

What I Didn’t Like

Nothing is perfect, and there were some minor things I’d change:

  • Not available in physical format at this time
  • Will require some modification to fit your situation
  • No video examples

Conclusion: Should You Try It?

All in all, I recommend the Ex Factor Guide to any woman who is thinking about trying to get her ex back. It’s only a small one-time fee that’s fully refundable for 60 days, so you’ll have time to know if it works for you or not. But I definitely suggest trying it out and implementing his advice so you know for sure.

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