Do I Love Him? (ACCURATE Quiz for Adults)

do i love him quiz

Do you like him or do you really love him?

Or do you just love the idea of him? Or are you just lonely?

Falling in love is supposed to be fun. But here you are faced with all these questions!

Don’t worry. We’ll try to help you sort it out.

First of all, it’s okay if you don’t know whether you love him yet. Feelings can be powerful and confusing, especially early in a relationship.

So how do you know if you love your boyfriend? How do you know it’s not just infatuation?

When you love him there will be clues.

Lust, infatuation – these things might look like love, but there are differences.

Have you seen him at his worst? Has he seen you at yours?

Does his face brighten up when he sees you? Does he remember little details about you that nobody else does?

When you’re having your worst day, will seeing him make you feel better?

Would you inconvenience yourself to do something for him?

These are just a few of the questions to think about.

How Do I Know If I Love Him? (Our Test)

Love is hard to quantify. But we’ve done our best here.

This quiz is designed to help you figure out if you’re really in love, or do you just like him a lot. (Or just caught up in the infatuation phase.)

Take time to answer each question carefully. At the end we’ll give you an accurate result.

All answers are completely confidential.


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