When He’s Dating Someone Else But Still Contacts You…

why is he contacting me

It’s confusing. Frustrating.

“Why is he still texting me? He’s with her now.” 

Deep down you might like that he’s still texting you.

It’s true, there’s a chance this might be the first step toward you two reuniting.

But it also might be a sign that you’re dealing with Mr. Confused, and that’s never a good place to be. That guy will be hot-and-cold toward you for the rest of your life so it’s best to ignore him.

So what situation are you in? Here are the possibilities.

He’s trying to make his current partner jealous

There’s a chance his contacting you has nothing to do with you.

It might just be a mind game with his current girlfriend. You just happen to be somebody from his past who could make her jealous.

Still, it’s flattering. But he’s a long way from wanting you back. If anything it’s evidence that his world now revolves around her and not you.

He’s conflicted about what he wants

He could still have feelings for you. He did at one point, right? Those feelings don’t go away easily.

If he broke up with you but now he’s texting you again, he might be reevaluating his decision. Breaking up with somebody is a tough decision to make. He probably struggled to make it, and he’s having trouble living without you now.

But beware of grass-is-greener syndrome. He didn’t want you when he had you, and now that he doesn’t have you he wants you again.

This is an endless cycle and he will never be truly settled with you. Best bet is to move on.

He is not satisfied with his new relationship

He tested the waters with someone else and isn’t feeling it.

It takes a while to really get to know somebody. It’s possible he was feeling butterflies early on with his new girlfriend, but some time has passed and that’s changed.

Now you’re on his mind again. But does that really mean he wants you? This could easily be a symptom of grass is greener syndrome.

Then again, maybe it took some time with someone else to realize that you’re the right one for him.

He just wants to check in and say hi

It might just that you crossed his mind and he was wondering how you’re doing. Not anything more than that.

This is as likely as any of the other explanations. Lots of exes remain friend. He could miss your company without still having romantic feelings for you.

Not that you need to be friends with him. It’s up to you. But if you still want more and he just wants friendship, you are setting yourself up for hurt.

If you’re not ready for friendship with him right now that doesn’t mean you won’t want to down the road. You just need time to heal and move on so you can be ready emotionally.

He wants you back. Period.

He tried to move on. He’s going through the motions with someone else. But deep down he still loves you and now he’s ready to admit it.

This is him trying to feel things out with you. Are you still open to communicating? Is your tone friendly and inviting or cold and distant?

Now, even if you want him back too, don’t be too eager. It’s better to be cautious and not give him exactly what he wants too soon.

You can make this work, but it’s a balancing act right now. Take it one text at a time, and if it’s meant to be then you two will find your ways back to each other.


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