“Am I Ready For Marriage” Quiz?

should i marry him

He’s the man you love. He makes you feel like nobody has before.

But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to make a lifelong commitment to him.

When do you know you’re ready to get married? Well, you can ask a hundred people that question, and get 100 different answers.

The question here is, is this the right time for you.

Maybe the two of you are already engaged. Or, you might be reading this wondering when to get engaged.

In any case, assuming you’re not married yet, this quiz will give you a chance to reflect.

“Should I Marry Him?”

We can spend years and years with one person without ever knowing for sure if they’re the right person to marry. Indeed many people do that.

On some level you will be making a leap of faith. An agreement to accept this person as your spouse even if you don’t know everything about them, or everything in your future.

That said, you can look for signs that they’re worthy to call you “wife.” This quiz is all about looking for those signs.

This quiz should give you an accurate look at what’s deep inside you. We hope you find it useful.




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